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"I would not be where I am without the help from coach KD. He has helped in so many ways when it comes to wrestling. I really appreciate his coaching style and his dedication to his athletes. Truly one of the best coaches I have ever had."

- Roman Bravo-Young
2x NCAA Champ 

"For the past five years, KD has made an extraordinary impact on my son’s life. His extensive knowledge of all areas of wrestling, his constant support and guidance has played a vital role in my son’s success on and off the mat. I highly recommend KD to all athletes that are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals. Lets Win!!"

-Pete Duke
Father of 2x State Champ and Super 32 Champ PJ Duke

"Coach Khaled is not only a great coach but a great person. He is selfless with his athletes and how he shares his time and commitment to them. To be a great coach I believe you have to be adaptive and wear many different hats from a motivator, to a friend, to a technician and beyond. Khaled does a great job wearing those multiple “hats” and continues to learn as the sport continues to evolve and he meets the different needs of his athletes as a one size fits all approach does not work for everyone. Khaled does not have an ego tied to his coaching style which allows him the ability to learn and improve upon what he already knows. He is a true student of the sport as he travels around the country to seek out wrestling knowledge from the best wrestling coaches and athletes the sport has to offer. He then brings the culmination of what he learned and all the different perspectives to his athletes, and I believe this is what makes him so unique and what separates him from many other coaches."

-Youssif Hemida 
2x NCAA All American 
U23 World Silver Medalist
Egyptian World Team Member 

"Coach Khaled introduced me to the lifestyle it takes to be the best version of myself and continue improving on and off the mat. He has been in my corner through the good moments and the learning experiences. But more importantly he has always been a positive influence in my life and for that I am very grateful. Coach khaled is a student of the sport which enables him to continue improving as a coach leading to his athletes continued success at high levels!"

-Jakob Camacho 
ACC Champ
2020 NCAA All-American 

"At KD Trained, KD has provided our son, Zackary, with valuable coaching,training, mentorship, guidance, and friendship. KD forms  personal connections with the athletes he trains and genuinely cares about them. His “Let’s Win” mindset encourages his athletes to have mental toughness, builds confidence, and allows wrestlers to perform to their truest potential. With KD in his “corner,” Zack will continue to grow as a wrestler and person. We look forward to Zack’s future with KD Trained."

- Darren & Laura Ryder 

Parents of 3x NY State Champ Zack Ryder

It has been a Blessing for Max to work with Khaled Dassan. KD has a unique understanding of wrestling and what is necessary to lift his wrestlers to the next level.  KD focuses on technique, physical preparation, nutrition, Proper mindset, and the individual wrestling styles of each of his kids. KD provides priceless opportunities by exposing his wrestlers to the best college coaches and NCAA wrestlers in the country. Let’s Win!

 - Joe Gallagher

Father of NY State Champ Max Gallagher

"Coach KD cares deeply about the success of every member in his wrestling community. The amount of communication, time commitment to each wrestler, and individualized support are unparalleled to any other sporting program that we have been a part of. 

I have 2 boys who have wrestled for this program for over a year. Coach KD is a great motivator, his heart is in the right place, and you can tell he truly cares for his wrestlers. There is so much more to wrestling than the sport itself/technique....it is character building, humility, accountability, courage, physical & mental toughness, sportsmanship, respect, perseverance and so much more. I am truly thankful for this club and its positive influence in my boy’s lives.

This program is hands down one of the best!! Coach KD puts his time into these kids and is 110% committed to each and every one of them!   I am also a coach with over 25 years of experience in the sport of wrestling and completely trust Coach KD with the development, physically, athletically, and emotionally of my boys.  5 stars aren’t enough...it exceeds all expectations"

- Joel Ferrara

Father of NY State Champ Tyler Ferrara and NYS Finalist Ryan Ferrara

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15 Feb 2022

KD Training Center Officially Opening in March 2022

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